Madagaskar 1 (2005)

    Madagascar 1 Watch Madagascar 1 full, watch Turkish dubbed in Madagascar 1 Watch Madagascar 1 HD watch, without a doubt the king of the urban jungle New York at the Central Park Zoo, Alex the lion is named. With his best friends Zebra Marty, Giraffe melman and Hippopotamus Gloria, he has a happy and peaceful life. Although they are in captivity in the unique view of the Zoo, at least they ignore it because they eat delicious food. Zebra Marty is the most curious of all four friends. He wonders what kind of world he's got out of a zoo and what he's missing. One day, he falls in love with his curiosity and escapes from the zoo with the help of the penguins. His main intention is to come back in the morning. Alex, Melman and Gloria only notice that he ran away at midnight. They're worried about their friends. They decide that the only action to be taken in the face of such a situation is to go outside the zoo and find and bring Marty back. A lion, a giraffe and a hippopotamus roam the streets of a big metropolis like New York, and it is not as striking as it is to get on the subway and travel. They finally find Martini at the Grand Central Train Station. But when they miss the last train to the zoo, they get into the hands of some mysterious people. Four of our heroes caught and trapped in cages take their breath on a ship to Africa. For them, the unknown journey has begun. Alex, Marty, melman and Gloria find themselves on the exotic Island Madagascar Coast after the crooked penguins are sabotaging the ship. For our heroes born and raised in New York, the struggle for survival has now begun in the wild. From now on, they will discover the true meaning of the term "living in the woods" in all its nakedness.
    Genre: Family Movies, Animated Films

    Production: 2005 - USA

    Directed By: Eric Darnell, Tom McGrath

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