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Escape Plan (2013)

    Released: 2013
    Translation: Dubbed
    Time: 115 min.
    Budget: $50 000 000
    Name: Escape Plan
    Production: USA
    Genres: Action Detective Thriller
    Directors: Michael Hafstrom
    Actors: Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Caviezel, Vinnie Jones, Sam Neill, Faran Tahir, Vincent D'onofrio, Amy Ryan, Fifty St., Catriona Balfe
    What movie escape Plan
    This film will show everyone that people can do anything if just very much want to and try. In the center of the picture, the man who is one of the best specialists in the field of security systems. He was invited to become a member of an exciting experiment: he must escape from prison, from which there is no a priori output. Strangely enough, but our hero has agreed to be part of a mad experiment. Ray Breasley goes to jail and realizes that he was betrayed, and now he must at any cost escape. As you already know, this man was to those for whom there were no obstacles. To escape from prison, he will need the help of a partner. However, the guys have to do what is physically impossible. Some time they will plan an escape, to do everything at the highest level. I think they're serious, and nothing can stop them. Let's see if ordinary people can do the impossible.
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